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New Portal For Traders

Dr. Fafuła is coordinating a launch of an innovative and experimental portal for U.S. stock traders. The project is not public yet, but you may still get access to the beta version. Please sign up. The full version will start on March 2015.

Behavioral Finance Research

Aleksander Fafuła is Chief Data Scientist at MarketPsych LLC. The company is a leader in behavioral finance research and consulting, integrating the competitive advantages derived from modern psychology into the global financial industry.

Quantitative Trading

Join webinar or a conference to learn an investing technique that uses supercomputer analysis and complex algorithms to discover trends and patterns in financial data. Learn how to exploit emtions of traders.

Big Data Analytics

If you are interested in academic research, publications, and scientific cooperation, you can meet dr. Fafuła during his open lectures. For more information about upcoming seminars please consult

Nowcasting Global Macro

At MarketPsych we found that sentiment derived from economic and financial news predicts monthly PMI values. Paper by dr. Fafuła is in preparation. If you are interested in these results contact MarketPsych.

WSE / GPW Sentiment

New opportunities for traders of the Polish Warsaw Stock Exchange - new portal about behavioral finance. This is a joint work of scientist at Wrocław University of Economics managed by Aleksander Fafuła.

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